Past Charity Beneficiaries

Past Beneficiaries

Educating Girls of Rural China

Since its establishment in 2005, Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC) has sponsored over 500 young women from poor rural regions of Western China to achieve high school and university education with 100% graduation rate. EGRC’s motto is Educated Women Raise Educated Children. We believe educating women is the fundamental way to make a better family and society. EGRC is seeking funding to fund 20 girls’ high school education in 2016. Each girl needs 5,000RMB per year to pay their tuition, accommodation, books and basic meals. All of the selected girls are from extremely difficult financial backgrounds and without financial support, they are not able to attend high school, or at risk of dropping out.

Bethel China

Bethel Foundation serves the blind and visually orphaned population throughout China by providing a sustainable solution for each sponsored child. The foundation provides life-changing resources, which are not offered elsewhere in the country. Bethel Foundation will use the Chi Fan for Charity grant to support one Beijing home in their “Home Sweet Home” program. When the program receives a new child, they ensure the best medical treatment, top-level foster care (the children reside in family-style houses), and a combined Western and Eastern style school curriculum. “Home Sweet Home” aims to equip each child with the skills necessary so that they may pursue advanced education and professional careers while being comfortable with the realities of the world around them.

United Foundation for China’s Health

United Foundation for China’s Health develops programs that provide access to innovative healthcare for vulnerable populations, such as Chinese orphans with congenital medical defect, abused women, migrant workers, and the disabled, in China.

Wheels for Life – the UFCH Community Health Van – plans to launch in 2015 as a model for mobile community healthcare in Beijing.  UFCH’s strategy is to build community trust and desire to get medical help for chronic disease and preventative care by offering a convenient, friendly, clean, and expert environment through the Wheels for Life initiative.  You can learn more about United Foundation for China’s Health at


Morning Tears

Children are innocent to the crimes of their parents but can lose everything when their parents are sent to prison. We believe they deserve a fair chance in life to develop their full potential.  Founded in China in 1998, Morning Tears is an international non-profit organization which stands up for children of convicts via awareness raising and capacity building.  Morning Tears works very constructively with the Chinese authorities at all levels.  Their work has a national level impact on childcare and protection.  Our principles: non-profit, non-religious, non-political.

The support of Chi Fan for Charity is essential for (1) the continuation of full time care for 50 children of convicts in the Coming Home Program in Zhengzhou and (2) the Fuyiwan House which will be a unique model center for psychological assistance for these children.  You can learn more about Morning Tears at


Little Flower Projects

Little Flower Projects is an outreach of China Little Flower, Inc. Since 1995, the organization has led grassroots, small-scale, effective, and cost-efficient projects throughout China for the benefit of countless children in need. Little Flower Projects focuses on providing specialized care to abandoned infants and nurturing the growth and education of older disabled orphans. They operate in Beijing and Taiyuan, but the children come from all across China. The organization’s projects include hospice care, group educational foster care for children ages four to 18, special care for infants, and long-term care for severely disabled children.

小花关爱项目是China Little Flower, Inc.自1995在中国开展的慈善活动。它以草根性、却非常有效率的方式拯救了无数个需要照顾的小生命。小花关爱项目专注于为被遗弃的婴儿提供特殊护理,并且为残疾孤儿提供家庭式的成长和教育环境。现于北京和太远设有工作点服务于来自全国各地的儿童。主要活动有济贫帮助,4-18岁孩子群体教育,婴儿特殊护理和严重伤残儿童的长期护理。

Cultural Development Center for Rural Women

Focusing on rural women’s self-empowerment and development through advocating awareness of gender and citizenship, the Cultural Development Center for Rural Women has grown into a non-profit organization characterized by “combining support for the poor with development, news media with publishing, research with popularization.” The organization now consists of a Development Section, Project Section, Administrative Section, Financial Section, the Practical Skills Training Center for Rural Women and Migrant Women’s Club.

The Starfish Project

The Starfish Project was established in 2006 to empower exploited women in Asia. The organization developed a socially responsible jewelry business in order to provide women with alternative employment and a range of holistic care opportunities. By 2011, the project grew to support approximately 35 women, primarily through the jewelry company where women have taken on new levels of responsibility and leadership, and are able to provide for their families through meaningful employment. The Starfish Project also provides opportunities for women to heal and grow through counseling, vocational training, language acquisition, family education benefits, health care access as well as housing within the organization’s women’s shelter. The Starfish Project is committed to restoring hope for each woman that enters its doors. You can learn more about the Starfish Project at

海星慈善活动起源于2006年致力于帮助亚洲弱势妇女。 该慈善通过组织这些妇女加工珠宝饰物为她们提供就业机会和整体照护。截止到2011年,该慈善共资助了约35位女性。这些妇女通过珠宝加工这个平台提高了自己的责任感和领导力,为家庭创造了价值。海星慈善同时通过心理咨询,假期培训,语言辅导,家庭教育,医疗护理,安排住所为她们提供医治和提升自己的契机。 海星慈善为每个来求助的人重构希望和信心。你可以登录

New Hope Foundation

New Hope Foundation takes physically handicapped babies under six months old and provides them with a caring and secure environment. New Hope Foundation Limited strives to offer long-term care for these babies in a close-to-normal home environment. They also seek to find the very best medical solutions for each baby’s handicap and to facilitate that treatment. New Hope Foundation Limited will use the Chi Fan for Charity grant money to supply six months of milk powder for 71 babies they care for in their Shunyi home. Funding this project ensures that New Hope Foundation Limited will be helping orphaned babies who may not get medical treatment if left in the current system. For more information please


Prevention Through Education (PTE)

Prevention Through Education (PTE) is a 501c(3) not-for-profit organization established in late 2005 to help bring quality HIV/AIDS preventive education to China’s youth. Our mission is to empower young people here with the knowledge and ability to effectively respond to the challenges of the disease. While PTE still provides traditional workshops and TTT camps, we are utilizing comic books, phone apps, online counseling service and other multimedia formats to better promote the awareness of the virus and mobilize more young people to join our efforts to reduce the discrimination against the disease.


Dandelion School

Migrant workers contribute to everyone’s daily life on Beijing. However, children from low-income migrant families are not eligible for middle school education in the city. So Dandelion School began in 2005 to serve as a local non-profit organization and provide access to quality education to migrant children. However, after 10 years, the worn out classrooms and dormitories are dangerous for accommodating close to 700 students and staff. The new campus project will help Dandelion School to build a safe and durable campus and ensure the school’s development in the long run. Although Dandelion students are from low-income migrant families, we believe they deserve quality education and durable classrooms, just like every other student in Beijing. Chi Fan for Charity’s support is essential to build a classroom of fine arts wherein 810 migrant children will learn to appreciate and create art.  You can learn more about Dandelion School HERE