Arrow Factory

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Jialan Yu

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No.1 Xin Dong Lu, DRC Wai Jiao Gong Yu Bei Ce Wai, Chaoyang District

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When long-time friends and Beijing residents Will Yorke and Thomas Gaestadius began brewing together in a shack on Arrow Factory Hutong, they sought to bring something new and fresh to Beijing’s growing beer scene. Their passion and hard work have produced a range of traditional styles as well as several unique beers for the thirsty masses, all served up with handmade sausages, meat pies, and other world-class pub-grub.

Yorke和哥们儿Thomas Gaestadius是老相识了,俩人最早在箭厂胡同一间小平房里开始自己酿啤酒,就是想为北京正在兴起的啤酒市场带来点儿前所未有的新鲜劲儿。他们满怀激情的努力工作,给好这口儿的群众们酿造了一系列传统自酿啤酒,还有几款与众不同的创意啤酒。当然啦,除了啤酒,自制香肠、肉派和世界一流的酒吧小食也都能在这儿——“箭厂啤酒”品尝到。


Jialan Yu

Jialan Yu