Great Leap Brewing #45

Hosted by
Travis Washko & Nicole Washko

Ticket price 600RMB


No.45 Xinyuan Street | 朝阳区 新源街45楼(汉拿山新源里店)


Shortly following the explosive success of Great Leap’s Flagship Brewpub #12, it was clear that more space was needed to satisfy our growing demand. In March of 2015, Great Leap Brewpub #45 opened for business. While our burgers had already achieved local fame, the brain trust of Carl and Liu Fang wanted to keep the new menu as fresh as the beer that we pour. So, they thought, why not pizza? While Beijing pizzas are often heaped in toppings ranging from duck breast to corn kernels, Great Leap decided to keep it simple with delicious, thin crust, fold-it-in-half New York style pizzas. From the spicy Little Nunzino to the hearty-but-healthy Green Machine, our pizzas pair perfectly with our wide selection of craft brews.

Located a convenient twenty-minute walk from the Sanlitun bar street and several international embassies, Great Leap Brewpub #45 is nestled in the quiet Xin Yuan Li neighborhood just north of Liang Ma river. Along with the menu, the atmosphere at #45 differs from Brewpub #12. As opposed to the bustling bar atmosphere at #12, Brewpub #45 is ideal for a dinner with friends or family, date nights, or a peaceful post-work pint on our balcony.

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Travis Washko joined The British School of Beijing, Shunyi (BSB) in 2010 as a Physical Education (PE) teacher for both the secondary and primary schools. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from Dickinson College, USA. While an undergraduate, I studied a year abroad at Nottingham University, England. I later completed a post-graduate degree in Education from Montana State University, USA and hold a duel Master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction and Educational Leadership, from Dallas Baptist University, USA.

I have lived and worked in China since 2000 moving back to Beijing after a one year assignment in Singapore. While living in Singapore I worked for the Overseas Family School, and previously worked for both the Shanghai American School and Livingston American School, Shanghai. At all three schools, I taught humanities and physical education and was the Livingston American School’s Athletic Director.

At BSB I am the Director of Sport and PE, with my main responsibilities, in addition to teaching, are coordinating and developing sports and PE for both the secondary and primary schools as well as overseeing BSB’s participation in ISAC, FOBISIA and ACAMIS. Furthermore, I coach various sports throughout the year.

I love anything to do with sport and fitness. In college I played American football, and am still an avid fan. I live in Shunyi with my wife and two daughters. My daughters both attend BSB’s Primary school, and as a parent I am amazed at the learning they have achieved and confidence grown since joining BSB.

Nicole Washko joined The British School of Beijing, Shunyi in August 2013 joining her children who have been attending BSB Primary since 2011. Nicole graduated from Oklahoma City University and acheived a certificate from Shanghai Jiao Tong University Mandarin Department.

I moved to China in 1998 as a student, thinking that I would have a brief China experience for a year and then go back home, which simply didn't happen! After finishing a year studying Mandarin and teaching English part time, I entered the world of Real Estate in a Marketing role and quickly moved into Expatriate Relocation. I spent 14 years working for 2 different American companies as a General Manager, then Regional VP from company license establishment, expanding branches, customer relations, sales, and compliance. This took me from Shanghai to Beijing, back to Shanghai where my two daughters were born, and then onto Singapore.

My husband's role as Athletic Director at BSB Shunyi brought us back to Beijing and eventually into my current role at the school. I am a proud parent as well as proud team member of BSB, where I feel strongly is my extended family. I hope everyone who visits our school feels as well.