Gung Ho! Pizza

Hosted by
Douglas Corley & MCK

Ticket price 500RMB

010 - 8587 1404

101 Building 3 China View
2 Gongti East Road Sanlitun

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Gung Ho! Pizza opened in 2010 bring gourmet pizza delivery to Beijing bringing the New Zealand experience of artisanal food, quality ingredients and trusted friendly service to the pizza market. The business has won all major awards including the Beijing Pizza Cup twice, partnered with New Zealand brands Anchor mozzarella cheese, Whittakers chocolate, Moa Beer, Yealands wine and Kapiti Ice Cream and innovated to delivery New Zealand Lamb Pizza, Kiwi Pavolva deserts and the first wholewheat organic flour pizza base in China. The business is also the first registered B Corporation in the Chinese pizza category and a leader in triple bottom line CSR space while also partnering with many charities including the Jane Goodall Insititute, Peking Pups and Shepherd’s Field Orphanage as well as co-found – with Patagonia and One Perfect for the Planet – the first Beijing Earth Day industry event in 2016. Gung Ho! Pizza has been delighted to support Chifan for Charity since its inception and partner with Plastered-8 T-shirts to sell tickets for this event bringing together like-minded iconic Beijing brands. Hope to see you soon!

Gung Ho! Pizza San Li Tun CFC


Douglas Corley is an entrepreneur with a foundation in medical research and health policy, he has both a broad and deep network in the healthcare industry. He has been in Beijing for more than 6 years and has worked in the largest hospitals (public, private and military) in China as well as research laboratories (Chinese Academy of Sciences). He has helped dozens of health-focused startups find strategic partners in China, starting from market entry and identifying their first hire to regulatory consulting and investment sourcing. He is passionate about helping improve access to decent quality of healthcare in China, and believes firmly in the work that Education In Sight does for rural students to receive vision care services.

MCK is a great listener who asks good questions.
This year he's joined forces with Doug to host a table at Chi Fan for Charity at Gung Ho! Pizza for a few reasons:

1) He believes in the mission that Andrew and Sam are working towards with Education in Sight. It aligns with his work to help people to see their world more clearly.
2) He believes in the way that Gung Ho! does business. Did you know they are one of the first registered B-Corps in China?
3) He loves creating space for people to connect in meaningful ways.
4) He loves pizza.