Hosted by
Helena Javitte & Rebecca Hundley

Ticket price 1000RMB


1F, EAST, Beijing No. 22 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District | 中国北京市朝阳区酒仙桥路22号北京东隅


Hagaki, meaning ‘postcard’ in Japanese, is EAST, Beijing’s Californian-inspired Japanese restaurant, with a menu featuring Hagaki’s signature Maki Rolls and classics like tonkatsu, tempura and sashimi. Main courses include theGrilled Wagyu Beef Tenderloin with Teriyaki Mustard Sauce and Slow-cooked Crispy Suckling Pig on Pickled Cucumber and Nashi Pear. Take a seat at the lively sushi bar or, if you’re noshing on the run, bento boxes are available to takeaway.



Connecting startups, corporates and investors at DayDayUp, Helena is committed to bringing people together to make sure they find the right match to generate meaningful exchanges.
Former president at the French Lab, previously known as the French Junior Chamber, her main project was the launch of the Be Inspired Conferences meant to discover the real side of entrepreneurship. Through one on one interviews, she created a space for people to relate to successful entrepreneurs who could share their challenges and how they overcame them to inspire others to do the same. After spending four years in Beijing, Helena is very familiar with the different communities who are working at bringing positive impact. During the dinner, people sitting at Helena’s table will have the opportunity to meet with new inspiring friends and enjoy deep yet fun conversation.

A native of North Carolina, USA, Rebecca has lived in China for over five years. She previously lived in rural Yunnan working with the non-profit organization Teach for China. Rebecca believes in the future potential of every child as well as the important roles that education and public health initiatives can play in breaking cyclical poverty. During her time in Yunnan, Rebecca and other Teach for China Fellows fundraised and implemented Education in Sight programs to provide eye exams and eyeglasses for their students. Almost all of the students were from low income families and had never received an eye exam from a doctor. Through Education in Sight several students with poor eyesight were able to receive glasses and see the world clearly for the first time. Rebecca is passionate about the positive impact Education in Sight can have and enjoys having fun, meaningful conversations with others