Jing A Brewpub (Xingfucun)

Hosted by
Chenni Xu

Ticket price 600RMB

57 Xingfucun Zhong Lu | 57号利世商务楼1层

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Opened in Fall 2017, 京A Brewpub Xingfucun is the Beijing craft brewery’s second location offering 16 taps of 京A beers, brewed on-site, plus a full menu of freshly-smoked Texas BBQ and other pub favorites.
In our Back Bar you’ll find a curated list of bourbons and other spirits, plus six draught cocktails. We’re excited to be hosting Chi fan for Charity for the first time so soon after our launch!



Chenni Xu 


A corporate communications consultant at Brunswick Group, Chenni has been in China for nearly 7 years and has had stints in academia, market intelligence and consulting. She has a working passion for the arts and culture industry as well as for gender equality advocacy, and write and speaks on the subject. Chenni is a New York transplant and an alum of Columbia University. She's an active member of the Beijing Women's Network and co-heads her Beijing office's women's initiative. Chenni is a proud supporter of Education in Sight and Mantra.