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Floor 2, YU Food & Lifestyle, No.1 Workers' Stadium North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing | 北京朝阳区工体北路1号育膳房二层.


At Nooxo, it started with a really simple idea: we want to make drinks and food that are good for your body, and accessible for everyone. We believe in creating something that truly connects with you not just physically, but also emotionally. Therefore we asked everybody we knew: what kind of smoothies and food do you want the most? Surprisingly, the answers we got all had a similar ring.

On a typical day, we spend most of our time chasing deadlines and bettering ourselves at what we do. We try to meet expectations and have little time to really take care of the things that matter the most to us, for example, eating and drinking right. We get caught up in things. That’s how things work nowadays. We feel diminished between work deadlines, and our health falls to the background.

Before creating Nooxo, we all had “9 to 5″ jobs that practically meant 60 to 80 hours week in and week out. So we ordered out more than we ate out. And forget about cooking ourselves! We tried to drink and eat the right things, but it was really hard to do it more than a couple of times a week. Healthy either doesn’t taste good or is just expensive.
So we said to ourselves: Why don’t we find a solution to this? Can we create something so tasty, and yet so good for everyone? Can what we want be the same as what we need?
For us to answer that, we genuinely thought that our quest and our vision has to expand beyond China. So we did more than just that. We researched across America, Australia, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil. And realized something so profound but so obvious: healthy has to taste good! So we challenged ourselves on that everywhere we went.
And after a long and adventurous journey, we did it! So here we present it to you: Nooxo: nourishment, pure and simple!