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"C-8 Chaoyang Gongyuan Lu, Opposite 21st Century Hotel West Gate, on Lucky Street | 朝阳公园路C-8号二层, 21世纪饭店西门对面好运街"


Punjabi Indian Restaurant welcomes you to try delicious, healthy and well-presented Indian & Pakistani food in Beijing. With a comprehensive menu of Kebabs, most popular North & South Indian delights, desserts and our very own in-house-cocktails! We also have very affordable special deals like our all-you-can-drink dinner buffet and special Set meals! We only use Muslim Halal meat. But we are well trained to handle most dietary needs like Jain, Vegan, gluten-free, etc.

Lawrence Yu


于智博是妥妥递科技的董事长和联合创始人。妥妥递是一家金融科技企业,目前专注于 提供电子合同管理方案与合法合规服务给信托,资管, 券商,私募基金和托管机构。妥 妥递科技目前估值 3 亿人民币。
创立妥妥递之前,于智博是联想集团全球互动营销的总负责人,其职责主要包括制定和 执行全球社交媒体营销战略。再之前,他是联想集团董事长兼 CEO 的高级助理,负责协 助制定公司战略,监督高效执行和管理重要关系。任期间联想股价翻了 4 倍。
于智博是从花旗集团严格选拔的全球领袖计划中加入联想的。在花旗,他创立了整个巴 西银行业唯一的真对中国企业提供金融服务的团队,并使用中英葡三种语言。他拥有哈 佛商学院 MBA 和密西根州立大学学士学位。
工作之余,于智博担任哈佛商学院北京校友会副会长,并时常围绕《输在起跑线上的哈 佛男孩》的主题精神做公益演讲(2012 年中国图书 Top50 畅销书)。他非常热爱体育运 动,特别是篮球和游泳。在 2017 年,他代表哈佛大学队一举赢得了一站到底·全球名校 争霸赛(百科知识竞赛)的总冠军。
Lawrence is the Chairman and co-founder of Totodi Technology. Totodi is a leading fintech company focusing on providing electronic contract management and compliance services to
trusts, asset management companies and private equity funds. Totodi is currently valued at 300 million RMB.
Before founding Totodi, Lawrence was Lenovo's Head of Global Engagement Marketing, responsible for its worldwide social media marketing strategy and execution. Prior, he was the Executive Assistant to the Chairman & CEO of Lenovo, assisting to shape corporate strategy, oversee execution and manage key relationships. Lenovo's share price qua-tripled during his tenure.
Joined Lenovo from Citigroup's highly selective Global Leadership Program, Lawrence created the first China-focused financial services team in the entire Brazilian banking industry, serving clients in Chinese, English and Portuguese.
Lawrence earned his MBA from Harvard Business School and BA from Michigan State University.
Outside of work, Lawrence serves as the VP of HBS Beijing Club and regularly gives inspirational speeches based on his best-seller (Poor Kid Coming to Harvard, China's Top 50 Best Seller in 2012). He is a passionate about sports, especially basketball and swimming. In 2017, he represented Harvard University and won the overall championship of The Last Man Standing, a worldwide wiki-knowledge competition among elite universities.