Root Pop

Hosted by
Mike Shaw

Ticket price 600RMB

010 5826-3201

3-22.22 International Art Plaza, Pingod, Baiziwan Road (across from Bldg 3, Today Art Museum)

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Root Pop is a vegan café, but not in the sense of which you would normally associate vegan restaurants. This vegan concept is completely unique for Beijing. We aren’t about force-feeding guests facts about how eating meat and dairy will kill you one day or how you should only be eating superfood salads if you want to stay fit. Rather, Brandon has designed a menu for us with all the comfort foods you are used to eating at home, but with a vegan twist.  Root Pop.

是一个纯素食西餐厅。但绝不是你印象中无聊乏味的吃草素食。我们更不会发表”你只能吃超级有机食品或沙拉才能保持健康”的言论。相反,主厨Brandon 为我们设计了京城独一无二的素食西餐菜单。让你几乎会忘记你是在一家纯素食餐厅。这就是我们的理念:创建热情洋溢,让人无拘束,自由的美味素食料理。


Mike Shaw

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Mike has called Beijing home for nearly a decade and is a passionate community-builder. He has spent time organizing events ranging from a 10-day city-wide "Couchcrash" festival to legendary flash-mob parties. Currently, he enjoys working with fellow members of the city's vast population of vegatarians and vegans to explore the opprotunities that are being presented by their explosive growth, and working with local businesses to help them tap into the new market that they represent. A recognized expert on connecting entrepreneurs to the international marketplace, he is currently a Global Communications Strategist at PR Newswire's Asia HQ, and also consults with a wide array of local start-ups on business development, branding and PR strategies.