SUHU – Vegetarian Tiger

Hosted by
Maren Petry

Ticket price 500RMB

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Maybe in that time of material deprivation, vegetarian is over more selected in the passive position, gradually with the development of world civilisation evolution. The element of the mind has been increasingly come into the active pursuit of all being things, a reverse turns over namely simple the impression of the vulgarity yesterday, a pure vegetarianism diet vulgarity nowadays has become a kind of elegant and free form from it. It’s the way of the scientist and the modern life in this time.

During the hubbubs of our world we commit ourselves to carry on the mission to make food Pure, Nourish, Exquisite and Original. We also have very strict regulations which all the food must be original source; we trying to walk and search to find out the most suitable healthy seasonal food, we advocate raw materials and vegetable cooking oils are non-GMO, priority to adopt green organic vegetables and refused to add any chemical ingredients and do not use MSG and any additives, spices are all through the QS Certification complete records of the nature of the simplest plain, exquisite sincerity. During the course we provide free pre-dinner fruit and organic tea, also pure water is used for drinking and in the cooking process, Hope can let every element to make the friends come to the Tiger’s feel appropriate and comfortable.IMG_1258

Maren Petry


Maren Petry regularly hosts conferences and German delegations for her work at the German Chamber, aiming at better connecting the German and Chinese business and startup community. After attending Chi Fan for Charity as a guest the first time in 2015, she is happy to get even more involved in charity events like
this and to host a table at SUHU – Vegetarian Tiger. Maren stepped 10 years ago for the first time on Beijing ground and instantly fell in love with this city, by now having spent 5 years working and living in this vibrant capital. She is a true foodie, and never stops exploring the Beijing restaurant scene as well as hosting dinner parties at her place. For the active part, she enjoys running half marathons and hiking weekend trips to the mountains. Maren is looking forward to enjoy a nice dinner with old and new Beijingers and dance until the morning at the legendary after party.