Taqueria (Q-Mex)

Hosted by
Mark Wheeler

Ticket price 700RMB

010 6585 3828

Xindong Lu and Xinyuan Xili Room 106, Jinshang Shouceng, 20 Xinyuanli Xili Chaoyang District |新东路新源西里 朝阳区 新源里西20号楼金尚首层106单元

Q Mex Taqueria LOGO - Black bg (2)

When you think of Mexican cuisine, you imagine dishes packed full of flavor and depth and that’s exactly what Q Mex Taqueria delivers. Marcus Medina and the team behind Q Mex Bar & Grill designed the new Taco and Tequila Bar to once again help raise the level of Mexican cuisine in the Celestial Capital.

With Q Mex Taqueria, Marcus and the Q Mex team are focusing even more on delivering an authentic Mexican food experience. The new Taqueria offers customers a selection of amazing tacos and a new, fun way to enjoy them:  DIY tacos. You pick the ingredients, and mix and match to customize until your taco is perfect just for you.

The Taqueria also offers classic Mexican dishes like Ceviche, Roasted Corn and Beef Birria Soup and some of the favorites from the Sanlitun location (burritos, nachos and fajitas).Some dishes feature the Q Mex homemade air-dried chorizo made to perfection.

In addition to the fun new take on tacos, Q Mex Taqueria is proud to feature an impressive selection of some of the best Tequilas available along with an equally impressive drink menu that includes a variety of margaritas, tequila-based cocktails, Mexican beers, micheladas, and of course, Mexican bulldogs.  The menu also introduces some new margarita flavors, (includingCoconut and Guava), and some classic cocktails with a tequila twist (e.g., the Tequila Sour and Bloody Maria).

The Tequila menu will hook you on becoming a connoisseur of one of the finest drinks in the world. It only includes 100% Agave Tequila, all of which can be ordered in small flasks (~ half a bottle).  The drink also can be enjoyed with or without the Q Mex homemade chili & lime salt.  For customers wishing to learn more, the Q Mex team will be offering periodic tastings and Tequila classes.

With its vibrant colors and unique decour, Q Mex Taqueria has an exciting vibe to it. When you sit down for the first time, you feel like you are entering a new world. With a giant agave plant painted on the wall and hanging lights throughout the restaurant, you really feel like you’ve walked into a different city.The outdoor area is perfect for a relaxing afternoon in the sun, or a nice dinner and a nightcap drink.  The restaurant was designed by Coro Urdaneta from Coromoto Design Architecture. Coro and her team havebeen behind many other well-known restaurants around Beijing(including Mosto, Gung Ho, La Social, and Moka Bros) and the new Q Mex Taqueria design is a welcome addition to the Beijing F&B scene.

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