Xiao Susu

Hosted by
Theresa Parsonage

Ticket price 800RMB

010 - 8599-7757

China World Mall, North Zone, Level 5, NL5014 | 北京市朝阳区国贸商城三期北座五层5014

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小 Susu (Xiao Susu, new CBD brunch)  is a spinoff on Susu, the courtyard Vietnamese restaurant tucked away in the hutong. With a view of the CBD’s architectural spectacles and an imaginative repertoire of Vietnamese dishes and craft cocktails, Xiao Susu is a buzzing cafe by day and a warm and a magical dinner spot at night.


Theresa Parsonage


Theresa 桃子老师, entrepreneur, yoga teacher and mom, is known for her heart-felt, friendly and fun yoga classes as well as her charitable endeavors in Africa. Since her first Chifan for Charity dinner in 2011, she has founded her own Nonprofit empowering women in Uganda by training them how to sew the world's best bags, "The Yoganda Bag" (Yoga+Uganda=Yoganda) which are sold globally. She currently leads Beijing's original Yoga in the Park, teaches classes and workshops around the country, and takes care of her two small babies Kai and Mia.