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We want to share the main values of the brand in every supporting way. Sincerity, simple, authentic, respect, environmentally friendly, awareness, local, be, organic, grateful, love, responsibility, true, solidarity, passionate, fresh, sustainable, brave, inspiration, seasonal, collaborative, transparency, playful, honest, clean, pure, equality,socially conscious, wholesome, and essential.





Hazel Zhang


Hazel Zhang is the founder of Vegplanet, the most influential media platform that promotes plant-based and sustainable lifestyle in mainland China. She graduated from Peking University with a bachelor's degree in Editing and Publishing and a second degree in Philosophy. She worked in the publishing industry for 3.5 years and went on to study a master program in marketing for at NYU.
She became vegan in 2012 and started Vegplanet and began blogging in 2013. In early 2015, she quit her master's program and and came back to China to start her business. At that time, Vegplanet already gained good influence among the vegetarian community in China.
In her free time, she enjoys reading, jogging, yoga, crossfit, meditation and outdoor activities. She's also a devoted yet free-spirited buddhist.