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Chi Fan for Charity (CFFC) is Shanghai’s premiere charity dining event. Chi Fan for
Charity’s innovative model takes the standard concept of a large gala charity
dinner and throws it out the window!


Chi Fan For Charity takes the standard concept of a large gala dinner and throws it out the window! Seven years ago, founder Michael Crain had an idea and convinced a few restaurants in Beijing to participate in this innovative concept, using his network and friends to spread the word. From this, Chi Fan for Charity was born.

Chi Fan for Charity (CFFC) takes place at various renowned restaurants across the city on the same night. Participating restaurants donate a table of 10 each, providing a minimum 500 RMB per person in value meal. Each table is hosted by one of Shanghai’s movers and shakers. They invite their influential network of celebrities, cross industry business professionals, managing directors, and other key opinion leaders in our community. Each guest simply pays the set price at their restaurant (500-1500RMB), which covers a minimum three-course meal, two beverage pairings as well as entrance to our blow out free flow After Party. Post-dinner, all hosts, guests, and sponsors unite at one location to compare stories on their wonderful meals, enjoy live music and dancing, compete in a raffle and silent auction all the while enjoying access to our open bar - all donated to charity!

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Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC) Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC) is a Canadian charity established in 2005. In 11 years EGRC has dedicated to helping young women from impoverished rural areas of Western China to obtain an education. By following the believe that educated women have educated children, EGRC has awarded total of 598 university and high school sponsorships, and the students have achieved 100% graduation rate. Since 2005 EGRC has sponsored total of 598 students, 100% are female. Majority of the students are Han Chinese, around 15% are minorities including Hui in Gansu and Buyi in Guizhou. All of the sponsored students’ family incomes are below poverty line according to the local standard. They are orphans, from single parent families, or parents have chronic illness and lost ability to work, or disabled

加拿大资助中国乡村女学生教育协会(EGRC) 成立于2005年,是在加拿大注册的慈善机构。创始人田青青女士在北京出生,文革后随母亲下放到甘肃,受到政治歧视并没有机会完成学业。田女士在加拿大生活了二十年后没有忘记在甘肃的生活经历,决定回到甘肃帮助像她当年一样的贫困女青年完成学业。目前EGRC大学生分别在中国三十几个城市的九十几所大学就读。接受资助的学生都来自贫困农村,如没有资助很多学生将没有机会完成高中和大学学业,没有完成学业,这些女孩的出路就只有早婚或打工种地来供养家庭,重蹈父辈的旧辙。

Shanghai Young Bakers

Shanghai Young Bakers
Our motto is: “Give an orphan some bread, you feed him for a day. Teach him how to bake, you feed him for a lifetime.”
Founded in 2008, Shanghai Young Bakers is a charity program providing a high-quality training in French bakery and pastry to marginalised Chinese youths aged 17-23, thus enabling them to find stable, qualified jobs and lead independent lives. There are around 30 students per yearly intake. The training lasts one year (from August to July) and includes French bakery & pastry, Chinese-style Western bakery, life skills, English language lessons, outings, and a part-time internship at 4 or 5 star international hotels. Shanghai Young Bakers operates under the administrative governance of Chi Heng Foundation, with the support of the Shanghai Charity Foundation. For more information, please visit our website:


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