Beef and Liberty

Hosted by
Quentin Depigny - Founder of Wine International Axis

Ticket price 5100RMB

Shanghai Centre,
Suite 111, 1/F, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu,
near Xikang Lu
上海商城1楼, 111单元

Beef & LIberty

Beef & Liberty is Shanghai’s leading premium burger restaurant. The atmosphere at Beef & Liberty is classy and modern, yet remains comfortable and accessible for all. The menu consists of the hamburgers made from Hormone-free grass-fed beef from Tasmania. It also features a chicken, vegetarian and lamb option, and a selection of appetizers and side with homemade desserts. The restaurant also features a cocktail bar, offering 10 carefully curated house cocktails and quality regular pours as well as a wide selection of draught beers.