La Maison

Hosted by
Jochen Wittkamp and Yiwen Chang

Ticket price 5100RMB

210 Jinxian Lu, near Shanxi Nan Lu
进贤路210号, 近陕西南路


A hidden gem, La Maison is a restaurant and bar located in a beautiful historic colonial house overlooking a spacious courtyard in the heart of Shanghai. The house once belonged to the infamous Du Yuesheng, known as the “godfather” of Shanghai in the 1920s and 30s. The house is composed of five sections: the Gatehouse, the Courtyard, the Restaurant, the Camellia Room, and the Loft. La Maison is available for venue hire for large-scale events. For more intimate occasions, the Camellia Room (2F), and the Loft (3F) are also available for rental.

就像隐秘的宝石一样,夜来香是一家酒吧餐厅,坐落于美丽的法租界内,从高空俯瞰,会发现宽敞的庭院位于上海的中心。这座房子在二三十年代,曾属于叱咤上海的“黑帮老大”杜月笙。房子由五个部分组成:庭门,庭院,餐厅,山茶房和阁楼。夜来香可提供大型活动的租赁服务, 对于私人的派对场合,二层的山茶花房和三层的阁楼同样提供租赁服务。