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Chi Fan for Charity (CFFC) is Beijing’s premiere charity dining event. Chi Fan for Charity’s innovative model takes the standard concept of a large gala charity dinner and throws it out the window!

 What is Chi Fan for Charity?

Chi Fan for Charity: Founded in 2009 with a mission of giving back to the Beijing community, Chi Fan for Charity (CFFC) is a modern take on the standard concept of a large, gala charity dinner.  CFFC invites some of Beijing’s best-known personalities to host a table at Beijing’s top restaurants.  Hosts invite 9 of their friends to purchase tickets at their table, with tickets ranging  from 500 RMB to 1,500 RMB per person, depending on the restaurant.  Following dinner, all dinner guests and supporters are invited to an incredible after-party where people mix and mingle and talk about the amazing dinners they just experienced.  To date, Chi Fan for Charity has donated more than 4,200,000 RMB to local beneficiaries with 100% of table proceeds going directly to our designated charities.
“吃饭为慈善“(CFFC)本着回馈社会的使命,于2009年成立于北京,以一个大型慈善晚宴形式将现代前沿元素融入其中。CFFC邀请诸多知名人士在京城最顶级餐厅担任餐桌主持。提供的座位从每位500元至1500元不等。晚餐过后,所有宾客将被邀请参加after party,在那里可以结交新朋友,尽享美好夜晚。迄今为止,“吃饭为慈善“(CFFC)已经筹集超过370万人民币的善款,百分百保证选中的慈善机构受到资助。

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We are now looking for our 2016 Charity Beneficiaries!

It’s now that wonderful time of year again when Chi Fan for Charity Beijing casts a wide net to invite locally active Beijing NGOS and non-profits across China to be a part of CFFC.

If you are interested in applying to be this year’s Chi Fan for Charity Beneficiary, fill out the  2016 Chi Fan for Charity RFP

 We are now looking for a CFFC Director!

Chi Fan for Charity is looking for a motivated individual to lead the CFFC initiative in all three participating cities! This person should be hard working and dedicated to the cause!

See more details about the position here–> Position Description CFFC Director <— and send all resumes to

Our 2015 Charity Beneficiaries:

Educating Girls of Rural China: Since its establishment in 2005, Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC) has sponsored over 500 young women from poor rural regions of Western China to achieve high school and university education with 100% graduation rate. EGRC’s motto is Educated Women Raise Educated Children. We believe educating women is the fundamental way to make a better family and society. EGRC is seeking funding to fund 20 girls’ high school education in 2016. Each girl needs 5,000RMB per year to pay their tuition, accommodation, books and basic meals. All of the selected girls are from extremely difficult financial backgrounds and without financial support, they are not able to attend high school, or at risk of dropping out. For more information click HERE
Bethel China: From everyone here at Bethel, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this year’s Chi Fan for Charity another resounding success. In total, over RMB 500,000 was raised for Bethel and our fellow recipient, Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC).Part of the funds will go towards supporting Bethel’s family program at the main campus in Doudian, Fangshan District. Fostering and caring for children who do not have families is an important part of what we do, but we also focus on early intervention efforts for families with visually-impaired and blind kids. Through the family program, we educate and support parents through free assessments, individualized education programs (IEP) for each child, and progress tracking at school and at home. The remainder of the funds will help us set up more early intervention centers across China with 2 more centers opening in 2016.We welcome anyone – individuals, schools, companies, and more – who is interested in finding out more about Bethel or helping out with our projects. For more information, visit our website  or contact Anna at

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