Home Plate BBQ

Hosted by
Eric L. Schmidt

Ticket price 700RMB


1/F, No.10 Beijing Jidian Yard, South Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District

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Home Plate BBQ (Sanlitun)

American BBQ has it’s roots in the American South.American BBQ has it’s roots in the American South. The styles and flavors of American BBQ vary from region to region stretching from the Carolinas in the east to the great state of Texas in the west and from Kansas City in the north down to the state line where Georgia and Florida meet in the south. Here at Home Plate BBQ we bring our favorites of this vast area of BBQ together to give you the experience as only we can. Take a trip with us through our menu and sit back, relax and enjoy because down here in the South time moves slower, the stories are a little funnier, our drink’s a bit sweeter and our barbecued meats have no peer.

Beef Brisket :

Central Texas BBQ has a lot going for it and the best that do it know that Central Texas brisket is the top barbecued bovine available throughout the South. Starting in Lulling, TX and making our way up through Lockhart, Elgin and finally Taylor, we made a wrong turn somewhere and found ourselves in Beijing with a whole lotta brisket. We cover our brisket in salt, pepper and a few secrets and slowly barbecue it for well over 12 hours. When done, what’s left is a magnificent piece of meat. Here’s some brisket slang for ya: Lean is the denser and less fatty cut of brisket. Moist is the fattier, juicier side on the pointed end of the brisket, they both have their fans.


烤肉介绍 – 牛胸板肉:德克萨斯中部顶尖烧烤制作工艺已经闻名于整个美国南部,我们从德州的卢灵一路走过洛克哈特、埃尔金,最终到达泰勒镇,本垒在不知不觉中带着最传统的牛胸板肉出现在了北京。我们在肉中加入了盐、胡椒和几个秘制配方,经过了十几个小时的漫长烘烤与等待……就是她!一块绝对纯正的烤牛胸板肉出炉了!真正的烤牛胸板肉是这样的:切开中间是瘦肉部分,很少的油脂和更细腻的肉质,看似湿润的是靠近边缘的粉红肉,更为鲜嫩多汁,肥瘦相间。这两种都是我们的最爱。


Eric L. Schmidt


As CEO of EventBank, Eric Schmidt is focused on delivering cloud solutions that transform the way professional communities enable and enrich relationships. Over the last 15 years, Eric has founded and incubated several companies from the ground up. He maintains substantial experience with venture capital and private equity investments.
Eric is an elected member of AmCham China's Board of Governors (2017) and is recognized as an authority on digital technologies and business in Asia. He has been featured in media such as The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Baron’s, BBC, CCTV, China Daily, and numerous other outlets.